4X Handmade Buttons Felted and Wool Si.22-14mm Green

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Product Description

Hand crafted Buttons

Heavy Duty Metal Shank

This is for 4 buttons covered with 2 Green Wonven Wool Vintage Fabric, 2 Handfelted Wool and Silk, in Greens-(as per photo), These are size 22-14mm

This can be used as buttons or crafted onto bags, into rings, earings, bracelets, pendants, Quilts, hair accessories, charms, you name it.

all Sizes generally available for custom orders in mm
Size 16-10mm
Size 18-11mm
Size 20-12.5mm
Size 22-14mm
Size 24-15mm
Size 26-16.5mm
Size 28-18mm
Size 30-19mm
Size 32-20.5
Size 36-23mm
Size 40-25.5mm
Size 44-28mm
Size 50-32mm

This auction is for the specifically for the buttons on the photo. If you want bigger sizes please check our other listings.

We work with Astor quality Blanks which are alloy on one size and plastic on the other. We will soon stock all metal.

This is the bespoke button you have been waiting for..................

js may 2012

4X Handmade Buttons Felted and Wool Si.22-14mm Green

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