10 Sew on Buttons Blue Stonewashed Denim Size 18 11mm

$6.00 USD


Product Description

"Sew on Denim Covered Buttons"

This listing is for 10 buttons covered with Denim -(as per photo), These are size 18-11mm

This can be used as buttons or crafted onto bags, into rings, earings, bracelets, pendants, Quilts, hair accessories, charms, you name it.

P&P-You only pay for the 1st buttons all others travel free of charge. if you buy anything else from our shop where postage is over $10.00, then all your buttons travel free. this applies to ALL OVER THE WORLD...............

We believe in recycling; up-cycling, free-cycling, Trash-ion, Hand-making, Peace & Love.

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